Unchanged oil prices in Kolkata today


BanglaHunt Desk: Due to the lockdown, traffic is slowing down worldwide. As a result, the demand for petrol diesel has also decreased. Despite falling global oil prices, state-run fuel retailers have not reduced petrol and diesel prices. Even today, the price of oil remains at Tk.

Brent crude oil prices have dropped four times this week and international prices have dropped nearly 45% so far this month.

So far this month, the price of petrol in India has dropped by Tk 2.5 per liter and diesel prices have dropped by Tk 2.2 per liter. Had the central government not imposed tariffs on fuel, it would have been reduced by more than 3 rupees.

Not long ago, an amendment to the finance bill allowed the excise duty limit to be increased. As a result, the central government can impose tariffs of up to Rs 8 on petrol and diesel. The benefits of lowering crude oil prices will not be available on petrol and diesel prices.
On March 7, the government raised the tariff on petrol and diesel by Rs 3 per liter. With the increase of three bucks, the government is expected to generate additional revenue of Tk 1.5 billion in the current fiscal.

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