Uncle made such a paratha, people’s soul trembled on seeing it; Said – He is making the stuff of death


चचा ने बनाया ऐसा पराठा, देखते ही कांप गई लोगों की रूह; बोले- मौत का सामान बना रहा है ये

People got angry after seeing uncle’s dangerous paratha

Street Food Video: Outside food is not good for health, you must have known this. Although where do people believe. Either out of compulsion or as a hobby, people go out and eat or order food from outside and get it at home. Perhaps you too must be doing this sometimes. You must have seen those who make parathas, how they Paratha Let’s make. A lot of oil or butter is used while making it, which is not good at all in terms of health. social media But nowadays one such paratha seller video viral What is happening, seeing which people have already got angry.

In fact, the person has made paratha in such a dangerous way that people have started saying that he is not making paratha but is making the stuff of death. In the video, you can see how much ghee the person has poured on the griddle and is making parathas from it. It seems as if he is preparing paratha by adding ghee instead of ghee. The way people fry puri in oil, the way of making paratha of this person is also somewhat similar. Although later he removes the ghee from the griddle, but the way of making his paratha is really dangerous. Rarely have you ever seen someone using so much ghee while making paratha.

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Watch video:

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an ID named officialsahihai, which has been viewed more than 12 million i.e. 1.2 crore times, while more than 1 lakh 65 thousand people have also liked the video. And different types of reactions have also been given.

One user has written jokingly, ‘Brother, give one kilo of ghee to paratha mar ke’, while another user has written that this would probably be the last wish of the customer. Similarly, another user has written that ‘Brother, after this, which hospital do you have to go to’, while a user has described the paratha seller as ‘merchant of death’.

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