'Unemployment burns no more' – Mamata Banerjee sings a wonderful song, a group of young people, viral video


viral video: Unemployment is increasing every day in the state. Young people who have passed BEd, DLAd have now chosen the profession of running Toto to make a living. This time a group of young people sang with the issue of employment in mind. That video is viral at the moment

The job situation in the state is not promising at all. Evidence of this has been found in a notification issued by the forest department a few days ago. There were only 2,000 vacancies for forest assistants in the state. 20 lakh applications have been submitted for this job in 8th class qualification. A large part of them are highly educated unemployed youth like MA, MSc, PhD.

Forest assistants usually have to do things like planting saplings, chasing elephants, guarding the forest. Millions of unemployed youth have knowingly applied for this job. All the application forms could not be filled in 4 big trunks. In the end, all these applications were filled in 45 huge sacks with great difficulty.

This picture of state unemployment is everywhere. In many cases, recruitment is not done year after year Most of the appointments are on part time basis This plight of jobs in the state has inspired the youth to sing. His reflection in the song. The video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. More than 1.5 million people have already watched this video.

Many have agreed with these young people about employment. Netizens are praising the song in the comment box. Like comment share is increasing by leaps and bounds every moment. Check out the viral video