‘Unified India will be built again’, Mohan Bhagwat’s demand made Pakistan tremble

BanglaHunt Desk: When we talk about a united India, our goal is to unite the whole of India through traditional religion. Humanity and the religion of the whole world is the traditional religion, this religion is called Hinduism – said Mohan Bhagwat, the head of the Rashtra Soyam Sebak Sangha.

Mohan Bhagwat further said, ‘When a glorious united India is established, then the welfare of the world is possible. We have to awaken patriotism in everyone. India must be one.

He pointed out that in order to build a united India, the countries which were formerly part of India, but have now become separate states, need to be reunited with India. There are many countries that have tried their best to improve themselves, but today they have failed. The only way to solve the problems of those countries is to reconnect with India.

Let me tell you, in ancient times India was a big country. At that time India was part of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand. All in all, there was a united India. But over time, these countries have become separate states from India in different ways.

The whole world is aware of the plight of Pakistan after its secession from India. At present Pakistan is drowning in a sea of ​​debt under the rule of Imran government. Every day there is a problem in Pakistan. At the present time, India’s enemy country is again in trouble by joining hands with China to harm India.