Unique promotion of films, Aamir Khan started this trend, cut hair of fans for Ghajini


फिल्मों का अनोखा प्रमोशन, आमिर खान ने शुरू किया था ये ट्रेंड, गजनी के लिए काटे थे फैंस के बाल

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Unique Way Of Film Promotion: Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal and actress Sara Ali Khan He will soon be seen in the film Zara Hatke Zara Bachke. Through this film, the pair of both will be seen together for the first time. This film is going to release on 2 June. At the same time, both the stars are busy in the promotion of the film.

Meanwhile, both found a unique way to promote the film. Both reached a house in Rajasthan, in which there are 170 people in the family. Both met that family. Ate rotis made on clay stove there and also shared photos and videos on social media. Although this is not the first time, even before this many stars have promoted their films in such a unique way.

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Aamir Khan started the trend

This trend of promoting the film in a slightly different way was started by Aamir Khan. When his film Ghajini came in the year 2008, his hairstyle became very popular from that film. So to promote the film, he went out as a barber and cut the hair of many fans in Ghajini style.

Not only this, at the time of the film 3 Idiots, he reached Banaras in disguise. Significantly, there is his ancestral house there. He had seen his house after going there. Along with this, he had been roaming the streets of Banaras with a changed disguise for many days, he was meeting people, but no one was able to recognize him.

The promotion of the film was made pregnant

The 2012 film Kahaani was promoted by Vidya Balan in a unique way. She was in the role of a pregnant woman in this film. At the same time, to promote this film, she was seen roaming in the bus and local train in the getup of a pregnant woman.

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Shahrukh Khan’s name also included

Shah Rukh Khan also tried a similar formula for the film Jab Harry Met Sejal. He was going to Ahmedabad and meeting girls named Sejal. During the promotion, he had met about 7000 such girls whose name was Sejal.

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