Unknown Vivekananda broke the backbone of the English team by taking 6 wickets for just 20 runs.


Swami Vivekananda (swami vivekananda), a rare personality born in Bengal. What was the life of this monk who established the traditional Hindu religion of India in the court of the world before he came in contact with Ramakrishna? Many are curious about this. An unknown story of this period belongs to cricketer Narendranath Dutt.

Narendra Nath Dutt is the ancestral name of Vivekananda. One day 135 years ago, Narendra Nath Dutt took 6 wickets while bowling at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. He spent only 20 runs. Young Vivekananda's bowling broke the backbone of the English team. The English team was all out for only 20 runs that day.

It is known that Vivekananda was quite skilled in batting as well as bowling. Football, boxing and fencing were also good enough. He could be seen in the gym regularly. He regularly took part in sports while studying at the Scottish Church College.

However, Vivekananda did not play cricket for long after that. When Narendranath became Vivekananda, who was interested in sports and physical exercises, he still gave importance to physical exercises, that is why we hear in the face of a heroic monk, 'Football is better than Gita lessons'.