Unlock 4 is being implemented from September 1, take a look at the new rules


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Indian government on Saturday issued guidelines for Unlock 4. This rule will remain in force till September 30. According to the rules of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Metro service will be opened as per the rules from September 7. On the other hand, from September 21, 100 people will be allowed to participate in social, academic, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious, political events and other meetings. However, wearing masks, maintaining social distance, using thermal scanners and hand sanitizers will be unavoidable in such an event.

The open air theater will be allowed to open from September 21, 2020. After consultation with the States and Union Territories, it has been decided that schools, colleges, educational institutions and coaching facilities will remain closed till September 30, 2020. Students in classes IX to XII will be able to go to school voluntarily as per the advice of teachers outside the containment zone. Cinema halls, swimming pools, parks, theaters (excluding open air theaters) will remain banned.

Under the new rules, state / union territory governments cannot issue lockdowns outside the containment zone without the advice of the central government. No travel ban will be imposed between the state and the country. The new rules make it clear that there will be no restrictions on the movement of persons or materials from one state to another.

People over the age of 65 and children under the age of 10 and pregnant women are requested to stay at home. There have also been requests to use the Healing Bridge app. Social distance and wearing masks have also been made mandatory. Guidelines have been issued not to spit everywhere. He will have to pay a fine for breaking this law.

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