UNSC meeting brings back US-China conflict, not Corona virus

BanglaHunt Desk: After Italy, France, Spain, America is more affected by the coronary disease (COVID-19). The death toll is rising in America. The death toll is still around 3,000. That's why a meeting was called at UNSC. China and the United States face off again after calling a meeting at UNSC. The United States is still raising questions about the role of the United States and the World Health Organization (WHO). But on the contrary, China is praising both these companies.

A virtual great meeting was convened at UNSC on the topic of the Corona virus. At the meeting, China called the Corona virus a global epidemic, reported by the UN and WHO. That is why China thanked them. This virus is terrible for everyone. So all countries must fight against this virus together.

The UN called on all countries to stand up to the Corona virus, and China is again supporting it. China says that while their country was in crisis, many others helped them. So now China is helping more than 3 countries.

But in this meeting, America blames China a lot. At the meeting, the United States, which is enraged by China over the impact of the Corona virus, proved again. America needs to be proficient at this time of crisis. So that everyone can know the truth. The United States is currently teaming up with several countries to fight the Corona virus. Earlier, they had put China and WHO in the dark to hide the truth about the Corona virus. At this meeting, the United States again raised the issue, telling all countries to walk in the path of truth.

China is still denying the Corona virus, saying nothing has been concealed from him. And thus China is saving the head of the WHO. The US President also called on the WHO chief to stop funding for the Corona virus.

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