Unstable in the heat! Crazy netizens laughed when they saw the viral video of the strange fan running with the help of donkeys


BanglaHunt Desk: As soon as the summer season arrives, people get frustrated. At this time, in various viral videos, there are various strange ways to get rid of heat. Social media users laughed when they saw that. Many times they try to apply it at home again.

Recently, a video of the way to get rid of the heat of Najehal people has gone viral on social media. Although the video is from neighboring Pakistan, the netizens laughed out loud. This viral video has provided some food for laughter in the midst of heat exhaustion.

Check out that funny video first-

The video shows two people sitting on a bed in the backyard of a house talking. Even though they are sitting in the hot sun talking, they are in a good mood. Because even though they are sitting in the sun, they have found a way to get rid of the heat.

A donkey can be seen next to them. That revolves at equal speeds around a stick. Not only that, the donkey’s neck is tied tightly with a long wooden stick. And on top of the stick is another long stick, which is tied horizontally to the head of the stick. On either side of the stick are two large pieces of cloth. This time the donkey is spinning around with a stick, it is blowing like a fan. As a result, the people sitting on the bed are sitting comfortably. Sharing this video on social media, it went viral at the speed of a storm.