Unusual wedding party in the midst of lockdown by showing face thumb to administration


Banglahant Desk: The marriage ceremony is in full swing. The bride and groom present at the wedding, the priest is reciting mantras. This is seen in all marriages. Nothing new. But there seems to be a noise somewhere in this marriage.
The groom is standing at a distance of one hand, not where the bride will come closer at the time of marriage. In fact, the social distance (social distancing) must be maintained! Yes, that's right. In the midst of lockdown, these two qualities have set up a wedding party. Masks on both their faces. The two are sitting in the wedding hall keeping the distance.

But if you want to maintain social distance, how will the exchange? No worries. The bride and groom have come up with a fancy way to make it work. Balancing with two long sticks, he put a garland around each other's necks. Relatives present also showered blessings on the newlyweds. Age, marriage and social distance are also accepted.
This video is now going viral on social media. Netizens are shocked to see such a fancy wedding. They have also admitted that it is not possible for anyone to get married in such a way. They are making various comments in the comment box of the video. However, it is not known where this video came from.
Many have also questioned how the wedding party, which disrespects the lockdown, was held when the administration repeatedly asked them to comply with the lockdown and maintain social distance. Some also said that the family has brought danger to themselves and others by disobeying the law.

Although digital marriages have been seen before, marriages have not been seen without such lockdown. In the midst of the lockdown, the incident of marriage came to light even before the video call. The bride and groom got married through a video call from their home.