Urfi Javed taking sunbath while lying on the bed in open back, night clothes, viral hot picture

Banglahunt Desk: Urfi javed is very popular among television actresses. He has worked in several films. His popularity is increasing day by day. Urfi has played important roles in several series.

Apart from acting, Urfi is also very popular on social media. He is very active on Instagram. From time to time he shares various photoshoots and videos for the fans.
A look at Urfi's Insta handle reveals the reason for his popularity. He can keep the fans mesmerized with his enchanting look and sweet smile.

Looking at Urfi's pictures, it is understood that he is more fluent in short clothes. However, he also knows very well how to show boldness in a sari. Pictures of her wearing a sari also went viral on social media.

Urfi recently shared some more photoshoot photos. He is lying on the bed in a yellow night dress. Sunlight is falling on the open back. Urfi is taking sunbath while lying on the bed. He shared two pictures in this pose.

However, Urfi has also faced criticism for her short dress photoshoot. Earlier, the actress shared a picture for which she has to face severe criticism. She was targeted by extremists for a photoshoot after a bikini.

In the caption to the photo, he wrote, ‘I finally learned some manners. I'm sorry. I left the burqa at home. ' The fundamentalists were furious when they saw this picture. They stabbed the actress in one comment after another.

Someone said, everyone should give some money. He also said that he is doing this for money. Again one told Urfi not to use the word burqa. Do not disrespect Islam for your own fun. However, Urfi did not listen to all these criticisms.