Urfi On Madhuri: Madhuri Dixit cut Urfi Javed’s leaf? Actress said – first invited then refused


Urfi On Madhuri: माधुरी दीक्षित ने काटा उर्फी जावेद का पत्ता? एक्ट्रेस बोलीं- पहले इनवाइट किया फिर मना कर दिया

Madhuri Dixit and Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed on Madhuri Dixit: Actress and social media sensation Urfi Javed Has an old connection with the controversy. Sometimes about clothes and sometimes about her statements, Urfi Javed is always in the limelight and many times she seems to be embroiled in controversies. Now he has made such a claim about Madhuri Dixit, which everyone is surprised to hear.

Urfi Javed has told on his Instagram story that he was invited to the ceremony on behalf of the Global Excellence Award, but he was refused at the last moment. Apart from this, he also put Madhuri Dixit’s video in the post and also wrote her name.

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Urfi has made this allegation

Urfi Javed shared a screenshot of the Instagram story on Twitter, in which it is written, “Let me tell you a funny thing about this event. He contacted my team to invite me. I have accepted the invitation. Canceled your plans. Got the outfit arranged. At the last moment, he told my team that I am not invited.

Urfi Javed said that when the reason was asked from his side, the organizer of the award show said that you are not in Madhuri’s guest list. Urfi said what a strange reason. Urfi expressed anger on withdrawing the vaccination and said that I am not dying to go anywhere. But what is this to call someone at the last moment and refuse.

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Many stars got awards

Many stars attended the Global Excellence Award. TV and film stars were here. Madhuri had also reached in this. Although no statement has been revealed so far from Madhuri or the organizers of the event on Urfi’s allegations. Many TV actors like Shaleen Bhanot, Sumbul Taukeer, Shivangi Joshi, Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary also received awards in this event.

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