US launches warships on Taiwan border, Jinping pressures government

Bangla Hunt Desk: Tensions between the two countries escalate over Taiwan after trade issues between the US and China stabilized over Hong Kong. The US is sending USS Berry to help Taiwan. China is on its knees after a US warship entered Taiwan's border.

No matter how much the Chinese government jumps on the bandwagon, they know very well that they are children of American power. But the Chinese government has warned the United States not to back down in the face of such weaknesses. On the contrary, the United States has made it clear that it will continue to pursue peace at sea.

China again claims Taiwan by force. The United States has deployed USS Berry in the Pacific to protect Taiwan. The US military is also conducting regular war games there. The Chinese government is somewhat alarmed by the US behavior.

The U.S. Pacific Field said the passage of U.S. warships through Taiwan would mean U.S. troops in the Pacific would monitor warships and air forces to comply with international law.

At a time when US warships are heading for Taiwan, the Chinese government has again instructed its troops to be ready for battle. In this situation, even if the United States warns China, if China does not listen, the US government has prepared a double dose for them.

Meanwhile, the US government has decided to give them modern weapons to stand by the US. But in order to cover up its weakness in front of the United States, the Chinese government has also threatened not to give up these weapons. The current situation is such that India and the United States are reluctant to give up on China.