US may deploy its deadliest nuclear aircraft at Ladakh border to help India

Bangla Hunt Desk: Seeing the aggressive attitude of the Chinese army on the Ladakh border, America can deploy their most advanced and lethal B-2 spirit (B2 spirit stealth nuclear bombers) to help India. This American aircraft can fly with 16 atomic bombs simultaneously. The aircraft will soon be conducting flight over missions and troop exercises with the Indian Air Force.

According to the American news outlet The National Interest, the Indo-US joint military exercise will be conducted on the Indo-China border. In addition to befriending India, the United States also wants to see China's air defense system face to face. And for this the Indo-China border is the best place. Three B-2 bombers are currently stationed at Diego Garcia in the United States. From where the distance to India is only 1 thousand miles.

The United States sends planes from there to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. The planes were flown to Diego Garcia with a 29-hour flight, according to U.S. Air Force Commander Col. Christopher.

Colonel Christopher, without naming India, said that bringing these planes here meant that America was concerned for their friends. “This bomber task force is an important part of our national defense strategy,” he said. The United States, according to its own strategy, sends these deadly planes to different parts of the world. According to the report, this time America is going to take directly with China's air defense system S-400 and S-300. China has deployed these air defenses on the Indo-China border. And that is why America is going to send this deadly plane to the Indian border.