US side with India over border tensions, Trump administration claims China is escalating problems

Banglahant Desk: Tensions are rising once again on the border between India and China. Meanwhile, the United States has sharply criticized China for the ongoing tensions on India's border. The United States on Wednesday described Beijing's move as “disgusting.” The United States has indicated that China is bullying every country.

U.S. official Alice Wells told the media that

China's statement on the border is not just a threat, it indicates many things. Whether it is in the South China Sea or on the border with India, we continue to see provocative and annoying behavior by China. He added that China's provocative and offensive behavior raised questions about how Beijing wanted to use its growing powers.

The United States has given full support to India over the border tensions between India and China. Wells says China continues to provoke and destabilize, against which the United States, India, Asian countries and Australia are united. We want to see an international system that benefits everyone, so I think the border dispute reminds us of the dangers posed by China.

The United States has long criticized China over the global coronavirus, and US President Donald Trump has accused China of blaming China for global deaths due to the coronavirus. Not only that, Trump also accused the World Health Organization of acting like China's satellite.

Border disputes between China and India were reported during the summer. Earlier this month, Indian and Chinese troops clashed on the shores of Lake Pangong in eastern Ladakh and northern Sikkim. Soldiers from both countries were also injured in the incident.