Uttam Kumar's granddaughter was captured on camera just by name! Debelina's whip figure is raising the temperature in Netpara

BanglaHunt Desk: It's been just a month since Gaurab Chatterjee and Devlina Kumar got married. After a long love affair, the two finally got married. There was a lot of noise on social media about the marriage of Uttam Kumar's grandson. Gaurab is in the throes of a second marriage with Debelina.

Gaurab Deblina has a similar focus on her career as well as her family. At the same time, Debelina does not care enough about the health of the body. Everyone knows that he is quite fitness conscious. Even after marriage, the actress did not change her routine. Every Sunday, Debelina rides her bicycle around the city streets with her husband.

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The actress is also seen to be quite active on social media. Debbie recently shared a photo on her Instagram handle. She is wearing short denim hot pants with a white crop top. He took the jacket in his hand. In the caption, Debelina said that she does not like the winter season at all. But he can do well to pose with a jacket.

This film is full of comments. Debelina has been praised by netizens. According to one, Uttam Kumar's grandson is very lucky to have such a wonderful woman as his wife. Again, some of them did not even stop to look at Debelina's clothes. However, the actress did not pay special attention to it.

Incidentally, the marriage of this star couple has been on social media for a long time. They also did some photoshoots together after the news of the wedding came out. Debelina also shared photos of Mehndi and Gaye Halud on her Instagram handle before the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, like a Bengali bride, Deblina wore red Benarsi and gold jewelery. Pride in white Punjabi next door. On the morning after the wedding, Uttam Kumar's grandson Gaurab entered the house with his wife following all the rituals.

Debelina and Gaurab's music program was held on December 13 at Kayalkata Boating Club. On this day, Gaurab dressed up in a cream-colored sherwani. Debbie wore a light green and pink lehenga. The newly married couple danced to the beat of popular Hindi songs.

Then on December 15 there was a grand reception for Gaurab Chatterjee and Deblina Kumar. Debbie dressed in a white gown in the style of a Christian wedding bride, glorified in a tuxedo next door. The two also cut the cake together. Debelina Gaurab's reception was held at PC Chandra Garden.