Uttam Kumar's grandson in second marriage, at the end of the year, four hands will be one

BanglaHunt Desk: Tolly Para is now busy with the upcoming wedding of actress Deblina Kumar and Gourab Chatterjee. Debelina has been seen talking openly about marriage. He also said that he would have got married earlier if it was not for the lockdown.

No one is left to know about the open relationship between the two. Many in the industry also call Debelina Uttam Kumar's future granddaughter-in-law. Going to parties together, hanging out at each other's homes, and even going abroad on vacation. They have also made divine love in lockdown.

This time, Deblina Gaurab is going to mend the marriage after paying the love episode, such news has been received recently. The four hands are going to be one on December 9. However, it did not happen, they will get married in the presence of two families and a few close friends in Corona.

However, even though the marriage has now taken place, the date of the reception has been postponed to March next year. It is being reported that the reception of the star couple will be quite gorgeous. Earlier it was heard that Deblina Gaurab has planned a big wedding ceremony on December 25. But that plan had to change because of Corona.

This is the second marriage of glory. He had earlier married actress Anindita Basu in 2013. But that marriage lasted only three years. After that, Gaurab had a talk with Debelina at the wedding of sister Maui. From then on love started. This time Shilmohar is going to read about that.