Varanasi: Shekhar Dhawan in danger of feeding birds, administration in mood to take action

Bangla Hunt Desk: India opener Shikhar Dhawan returned to the country after playing ODI and T20 series as he was not in the Test squad for the tour of Australia. After returning to the country, he went to Varanasi for a holiday. Dhawan wanted to stay away from the media and people for a few days in Varanasi but he could not hide himself. He was caught by his fans. Fans could not even take a selfie request.

However, Shikhar Dhawan made a big mistake while traveling to Varanasi. In terms of which Dhawan is in trouble. It is learned that the Uttar Pradesh administration is going to take big steps against Shikhar Dhawan.

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Shikhar Dhawan went on a boat trip to Varanasi. At that time, he used to feed the migratory birds, which has caused a lot of controversy. During this time there was a massive bird flu outbreak in Varanasi which led to a ban on feeding migratory birds. This has been informed by issuing strict rules on behalf of the administration. But unknowingly Dhawan made a big mistake. Due to which Dhawan can fall into great misery.

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However, the Varanasi administration has reported some relief for Shikhar Dhawan. The boat driver is to blame for this as Shikhar Dhawan went there as a tourist so he did not know the rules and regulations properly. However, the boat driver did not forbid Dhawan despite knowing everything, so it is the boat driver's fault in this case.