Varun Chakravarthy, IPL 2023: Why was there talk of sending home to RCB’s Varun Chakravarthy, who showed stars during the day?


Varun Chakravarthy, IPL 2023: RCB को दिन में तारे दिखाने वाले वरुण चक्रवर्ती को क्यों घर भेजने की बात होने लगी?

RCB VS KKR: Varun Chakraborty performed amazingly against Royal Challengers Bangalore. He has taken 7 wickets against RCB this season.

New Delhi. Varun Chakraborty… a bowler whose mystery is considered iron in IPL. It is not so easy to read the ball of this player and the proof of this was seen by the whole world against RCB. This player appeared in front of RCB twice in IPL 2023 and both times Varun Chakraborty Forced this team to kneel down. Varun Chakraborty took four wickets against RCB in the match at Eden Gardens and on Wednesday this player took three wickets against RCB. However, after such a great performance, there was talk of sending Varun Chakraborty home.

Oh don’t be surprised. In fact, commentator Harsha Bhogle said about sending Varun Chakraborty home. After Varun Chakraborty became the player of the match against Bangalore, he said that he wanted to dedicate this award to his son. Please tell that Varun Chakraborty has become a father in December itself. He has not met his son for a long time. After which Harsha Bhogle asked him when he would meet his son, to which Varun said that he would go home only after the IPL is over. On this Harsha Bhogle said that after two matches he can go home during the break.

Varun Chakraborty is important for KKR

Let us tell you that Varun Chakraborty is a very important player for Kolkata Knight Riders. If this team has to reach the playoffs, then Varun Chakraborty will have to perform well. So far Varun Chakraborty has shown his mettle. Chakraborty has taken the maximum 13 wickets in 8 matches. His economy rate is also 8.05 runs per over.

Varun is getting the support of Suyyash Sharma

The good thing is that Varun Chakraborty is getting good support from Suyyash Sharma as well. This leg spinner for the first time IPL He is playing but he has taken 9 wickets in 6 matches so far. His economy rate is also 8.12 runs per over. Suyyash’s economy rate is better than Sunil Narine. He has also got more wickets than them. It is clear that the form of Sunil Narine is not good, so Kolkata has hopes from the pair of Suyash and Varun.

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