Vehicle Scrap Policy: Delhi High Court imposes interim ban on scrapping old cars, this is the whole matter


Vehicle Scrap Policy: दिल्ली हाईकोर्ट ने पुरानी कार स्क्रैप करने पर लगाई अंतरिम रोक, ये है पूरा मामला

Delhi High Court. (file photo)Image Credit source: PTI

Government of India has brought scrap policy to get old vehicles out of circulation. Under this, old vehicles will be scrapped. In common language, these vehicles will be converted into junk, so that they cannot be used. However, this policy Delhi High Court Has given an important order. The High Court has ordered an interim stay on the scrapping of a Daewoo Matiz car. The court has issued this order considering this car as a ‘family car’ and a ‘family heirloom’.

Actually, the Daewoo Matiz car which was to be scrapped is Sushma Prasad’s car. Sushma is a retired government officer. According to media reports, Sushma told that her car was seized by the concerned authorities without giving notice and sent for scrapping.

Car told family heritage, plan to convert it into EV

Sushma further told that she does not want her car to be scrapped. His feelings are attached to this car. This car reflects his family heritage. She told the court that she is planning to convert her car into an electric car. For this, she will take the help of retrofit kit.

Petition to save heritage

In his petition in the court, an appeal was made to preserve tangible entities to maintain family values ​​and heritage. This means that she wants to perpetuate a legacy that can be touched. Apart from this, he told that this car was gifted to him by his mother.

Daewoo Matiz Chevrolet

Daewoo Matiz (indicative photo) – Credit: Chevrolet

After hearing the arguments from Sushma’s side, Justice Manoj Ohri granted an interim stay on scrapping of Sushma’s Matiz car. However, the court asked Sushma to ensure that she will not drive on the road and park in public places until her car is converted into an electric car.

Scrap policy will continue

The order of Delhi High Court is expected to bring relief to many such people, whose old car is a part of their family heritage. However, it is important to know that the court has only banned scrapping of Sushma’s car, it will have no effect on the vehicle scrappage policy. It will continue as before.

You can scrap the old car by taking advantage of the scrap policy. After this, you will get a certificate, through which many concessions are available during the registration of the new car.

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