VIDEO: An elderly woman sang a heart touching song while sitting in the field, people said- Wow! what do you sing grandma


VIDEO: बुजुर्ग महिला ने खेत में बैठकर गाया दिल छू लेने वाला गाना, लोग बोले- वाह! क्या गाती हो दादी

Singing Video: Internet has become such a platform in today’s digital age. Where many suppressed talents are brought before the world in some form or the other. Video of such grandmother is becoming increasingly viral on the internet. After watching which you too will become a fan of Dadi.

Grandma sang melodious song

Image Credit source: Facebook/Vivek Raj Singh IPS Fans

There is no dearth of talent in our country. If there is a lack of anything here, then it is the platform which is not available to the talented people at the right time. But now in the age of internet, these people do not need to wander anywhere. Now if you have talent, then make your own video and present it in front of the public… the public will make you a shining star. In the internet world, videos of people full of one to one talent go viral every day. Which people like a lot. A video of an Amma has come in this episode. Who is singing in the field in a very melodious voice.

The melodious voice of Dadi Amma is very much liked by the Internet public. This is the reason why this viral video is garnering accolades all over the social media and this is happening because Dadi has absolutely natural talent and her voice will sound no less than a professional. In the age when people are not able to speak properly, in that age the way grandmother is singing. That in itself is commendable. After seeing that, most of the users are thinking that how can someone sing such a melodious song at this age. Let’s know which song she sings in the viral video.

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watch video here

Listening to the way grandmother is singing in the viral video, you will feel as if a singer is singing. An elderly woman is seen sitting in the field singing the song ‘Bahaaro Phool Barsao’ from the film Sooraj. His voice is really heart touching. Seeing a woman who has such a craze for singing, it was understood that art is not dependent on any stage. She just knows how to loot applause from people.

This video has been shared on Facebook by an account named IPS Vivek Raj Singh Fan. With which it is written in the caption with a heart emoji – Amazing! Surely you too must have become a huge fan of her after hearing her grandmother’s voice.

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