Video: Anaconda train on viral rail within lockdown, 2 km in length


BanglaHunt Desk: TRAHI TRAHY ROUBLE has popped up all over the country on COVIED-19. In the lockdown, one of the country's main relievers is now rail freight and parcel trains to keep all supplies of agricultural commodities normal, including agricultural products. Meanwhile, the viral picture of Indian Railway's famous Anaconda freight

A freight train runs across three wagons The train was operated by the South East Central Railway in May last year The total length is 2 km The freight train is named by the Anaconda train The picture of the train, which is unusually long, has gone viral once it has come out on time There are 5 wagons on this train about 2 km long Usually a freight is as tall as 5 meters The train was run between Bhilai and Korba stations

The Indian Railway Traffic Service tweeted a video of that Anaconda freight on Tuesday. After that it quickly goes viral In the present scenario, it is believed that such freight would be very effective for quick delivery of emergency products However, it is not yet known whether the train is operating such anaconda freight in the lockdown. However, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted that the Joy Kisan special freight train is running in southern India for quick supply of agricultural products. However, there is a train running across two wagons

This freight was operated on Distributed Power Control System (DPCS) technology With this technology the whole train can be controlled from the engine in front of the freight Although there is an engine in the middle of the freight to pull the entire train As a result, the railway claims to be able to save a lot of costs

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