VIDEO: Bihari ‘Avatar’ of Korean man, spoke such a fast Hindi that people got confused


VIDEO: कोरियन शख्स का बिहारी

Have you heard the fluent Hindi of the Korean person?

People take years to learn any language. Although some people learn quickly, while some people take a long time, still they are not able to learn properly. Like many types of languages ​​are spoken in India itself, but not all people can speak all types of languages. Exactly the same happens in foreign countries as well. Foreigners generally do not know how to speak Hindi and even if they try to speak, they can only speak broken Hindi, but social media but nowadays a video viral is happening, which has forced people to think.

Actually, in this video, a Korean person is seen speaking Hindi in Bihari tone. Listening to his Hindi, you will not feel at all that he is not from India, whereas he is actually a resident of Korea. In the video you can see that an Indian is also present with the Korean man. He asks the Korean man, ‘Kaisa lag raha hai, Marine Drive jo ghum rahe ho?’. In response, the Korean man says in Bihari tone, ‘Bahut badal gaya hai’. Then he tells that he has come to Patna after three years and says that ‘e jo brij bana hai na, abhi bhayankar bana hai’. Looks like New York has arrived. Even after this, both of them talk many funny things in Bihari tone, listening to which you will also be left laughing.

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This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an ID named prashant_lurique, which has been viewed more than 54 thousand times so far, while more than 2600 people have also liked the video and posted various comments. Gave funny responses too.

Some are saying that this Korean person has become famous, while some are saying that ‘our accent is becoming global’. You must have seen different types of videos on social media, but there will not be such a funny video in which a foreigner was seen speaking such pure Hindi.

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