VIDEO: Dangerous crocodile used brain, but could not hunt deer


VIDEO: खतरनाक मगरमच्छ ने लगाया दिमाग, पर कर न सका हिरण का शिकार

Deer showed amazing agility

Crocodile Attacks On Deer: You must have seen crocodile. They are so dangerous to see that hardly anyone thinks of going near them and if by mistake they ever go near them, then it becomes difficult to save their lives. Although these are such animals, which are not usually seen in human areas. Yes, there are a lot of them in the zoo or in the wild areas. This is the reason why people are prohibited from visiting such places where there are animals like crocodiles. ferocious animal live. You have seen many such on social media videos must have seen, in which Crocodile They are seen hunting animals, but sometimes they also fail. One such video is becoming very viral these days.

Actually, a crocodile tries to hunt a deer drinking water, but the poor thing gets a little late or rather the deer remains shocked. He senses the arrival of the crocodile well in advance and saves his life. In the video you can see that the deer is drinking water, then a crocodile tries to attack it and tries to catch the deer with its big mouth open, but it cannot even touch the deer. The deer immediately jumped in the air and ran away. In this way the deer saved its life. At the same time, the crocodile went back into the water without hunting.

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This video of crocodile attack is going to give goosebumps. It has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @clipsthatgohard. This video of just 12 seconds has been viewed 1.5 million i.e. 15 lakh times so far, while more than 50 thousand people have also liked the video.

At the same time, people have given different reactions after seeing this sight that gives goosebumps. Someone is saying that the deer was lucky and fast too, which saved its life, then another user has written that it was a very close affair, if there was a delay of even 2 seconds, the crocodile would have made that deer its prey. .

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