VIDEO: Farmer fills straw in trolley with Jugaad technology, engineers will be shocked to see the method


VIDEO: जुगाड़ टेक्नोलॉजी से किसान ने ट्रॉली में भरा भूसा, तरीका देख हिल जाएंगे इंजीनियर

Jugaad Video: There is no dearth of desi Jugaad videos on the internet. Every man takes the help of gambling to complete his work. In this episode, a video has surfaced these days. In which a farmer is seen filling his straw through jugaad.

jugaad viral video

Image Credit source: Instagram/ suraj_gurjar1827

Videos related to Jugaad keep going viral in the internet world. Which is very much liked by the people. These creative hacks are not only seen by people. Rather it is also shared a lot by the people because these methods not only make our work easy but also complete our work in less time and resources. The video of one such jugaad has become a topic of discussion among people these days. After seeing which you will also be surprised.

There is no dearth of people in the country who get their work done through jugaad and if seen in this matter, our farmers are also not far behind. They also do one or the other work in their fields through jugaad. After seeing which even educated engineers are stunned. Now watch this video itself where straw is being lifted and loaded separately in a very creative way and all this work is being done with the help of very creative and jugaad technology.

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watch video here

If you understand agriculture even a little bit, then you must know that after cutting the wheat, it is cut in a thresher, which separates the wheat from the chaff. After this, all the husk is collected at one place and it is separated by filling it in sacks. But in this video going viral, the farmer created such a setup or jugaad that after cutting the wheat with the thresher, the straw gets loaded into separate trolleys and the wheat into separate ones.

This automatic loading jugaad of the farmer is going viral very fast on the internet. This video has been shared by an account named suraj_gurjar1827. Till the time of writing this news, more than 25 thousand people have liked it and lakhs of people have seen this video. In the comment section, most of the people have praised this jugaad of the farmer.

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