VIDEO: First there was chillum-chilli between women in the mall for saree, then there was a bad fight


VIDEO: साड़ी के लिए मॉल में महिलाओं के बीच हुई पहले चिल्लम-चिल्ली, फिर हुई बुरी तरह लड़ाई

It is very common these days to have a fight to select the best merchandise during the sale. People like only one thing, then there is chillam-chilli for it and then the scuffle starts. One such video has surfaced these days.

cell fight

Image Credit source: Twitter/@rvaidya2000

People go mad on hearing the name of the cell, have not seen the board that people are ready to loot all the pocket money. Especially if we talk about women, there is a different level of cell craze on them. Due to this craze, many times even clashes happen at the shops. Many times people like only one thing and then a tangled knot starts for it. One such video has become a topic of discussion even these days. After seeing this, believe me, you too will not be able to control your laughter.

As we all know that the sale of sarees is like this. Where in the name of shopping, people leave the shop and are ready to buy the whole mall. During this, arguments and scuffles take place between the people in order to sort out the good and the favorite. Now watch this clip itself where two women are seen fighting with each other for the saree. This video going viral seems to be of a mall. Where women are seen fighting between the cells of sarees.

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watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that two women are seen fighting over the same saree. Seeing this clip, it seems that both the women have liked the same saree. For whom there is a lot of bickering and then when things don’t work out, a fight starts between them. According to media reports, this viral video is being told from Bangalore. Where Maleshwar is a showroom, once a year there is a huge sale for silk sarees.

This video has been shared by an account named @rvaidya2000. Till the time of writing this news, more than 1.13 lakh people have seen it and their reactions are being given by commenting. One user wrote, ‘Who fights like this in a public place.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘This is the wonder of all sales.’ Apart from this, many other users have given their feedback by commenting on this.

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