Video: I have donated plasma twice for corona treatment, I will give 10 more times if needed: Jamaat member


Bengali Hunt Desk: At the hospital I was like home. The doctors, the nurses took good care of me, they were all very good and took care of us like their own family. It said Tabligh Jamaat member Arshad Ahmed and Tabligh member Arshad were admitted to AIIMS Corona Hospital in Jhanjhar, Haryana.

Arshad said, “I have given plasma twice to help in the fight against Corona.” I did it for the treatment of corona sufferers. I will donate 10 more plasmas the next day if needed. Let me inform you, Arshad's corona report has come negative.

Arshad said, the staff at the hospital has been very supportive of us. “I am a resident of Amaravati district in Maharashtra, but I did not find any difference between my hospital in Haryana and my home,” he said.

Arshad said, we should all cooperate with the government in this fight against Corona. Following the prescribed rules, everyone should pray at home without going to the mosque in Ramadan.