VIDEO: Man risked his life while making a reel, collided with a train


VIDEO: रील बनाने के चक्कर में लगाई जान की बाजी, ट्रेन से हुई शख्स की टक्कर

Man risked his life to make reel

Train Accident Video: Today’s era is the era of social media. There will be very few people who social media would not be using The one who has a smartphone, it is sure that he must be running Facebook and Instagram. Especially behind Instagram, people have gone crazy. Let’s start making reels anywhere. They don’t even see what is that place, whether there is any danger in front or not. Many times people also become victims of accidents in this affair. One such on social media nowadays video viral It is happening, in which a person gets hit by a train while making a reel.

In the video, you can see how a man is trying to make a video while standing on the side of the railway track. Meanwhile, a high speed train is seen coming towards him. As soon as the train is about to reach him, he starts shooting the video by pointing his finger towards the train, when the train comes and directly hits his hand. Since the person is standing very close to the track, the train collides with his body as well. This collision is very dangerous. It is not known to what extent the person was injured after the collision with the train, but after watching the video it is known that he must have been badly injured.

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Watch the shocking incident

This hair-raising video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @crazyclipsonly and it is written in the caption that ‘the person put his life in danger to get some likes’. This video of just 16 seconds has been viewed more than 9 million i.e. 90 lakh times, while more than 74 thousand people have also liked the video.

At the same time, seeing the heart-wrenching incident, people have also given different reactions. Users are saying that who does such a thing, just to get a few likes, who can put his life in danger like this.

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