VIDEO: Mother-daughter sang the song ‘Pati Special’, people said on hearing it – very beautiful


VIDEO: मां-बेटी ने गाया

Mother-daughter sang the song ‘Pati Special’

Husband Special Song: Sometimes on social media something like this videos They also go viral, seeing which one is surprised and laughs too. Nowadays one such video is in discussion, which is very funny. You must have seen that actor special, singer special or music composer special songs often come on music channels, but have you ever heard the song ‘Pati Special’? Poets are often seen reciting funny poems about husbands or wives, but hardly you would have heard any song ‘Pati Special’. This funny songs Has created panic on social media.

Mother-daughter have sung this song ‘Pati Special’ together. In the video you can see that the daughter is playing the dholak and singing as well. During this, his mother sitting behind is also seen supporting him a lot. The lyrics of this funny song are like, ‘Banna B.Tech M.Tech Pass, Banni Milli Angutha Chhap. Banna said dear, Bunny brought me beer, both got lost together, Bunny got thumb impression. Banna said beautiful, Bunny brought cabbage flowers, cooked vegetables together, Bunny got thumb impression’. Along with the song, it is also written in the video that this is the ‘Most Demanded Song’.

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Watch this funny song ‘Pati Special’

This fun ‘Pati Special’ song has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the id named geeton_ki_sargam, which has been viewed more than 5 million times so far, while more than 2 lakh 68 thousand people have liked the video. Also liked.

At the same time, after watching the video, people have also given various funny reactions. One user has written, ‘Wow, fantastic. This reel will definitely prove to be a blockbuster’, so another user has written that this is an insult to Ultra Pro, while there are some users who have tried to make the song according to their own. One has written that ‘Banna bola scooty, bunny brought fruit. Drink both day and night, Bunny got thumb impression’, while another user has written, ‘Banna ne bola aloo, Bunny brought bear. Both ran away with fear, without getting thumb impression’.

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