Video of a charming dance inside a police station in Yogi state goes viral, officer removed from duty


Banglahant Desk: Uttar Pradesh police officer forced a young man to dance to Swapna Chowdhury's song inside the police outpost for disobeying the lockdown. Etawah police removed the police officer accused of the crime. The Uttar Pradesh police took this decision on the charge of breaking the rules while on duty.

Recently a video went quite viral on social media. There, a young man is seen dancing wildly inside the police outpost to the song 'Teri Ankhiya Ka Yo Kajal' by Haryana's popular dancer Swapna Chowdhury. The on-duty police officers and constables are also applauding the young man and applauding him. Someone is also recording on the phone.

It is learned that the young man had disobeyed the rules of lockdown in the Yogi kingdom. So the police officer asked him to dance to the dream song just to punish him. Without that reason, the young man started dancing in the middle of the outpost. This video spread in the middle of the moment as soon as it was released.

Uttar Pradesh police are in extreme discomfort as the video has gone viral. Finally, the official Twitter handle of Etawah Police tweeted that the police officer accused of breach of discipline has been removed from duty for the time being.

The video has gone viral on social media right now. The police have done well with the punishment that one party says. Violation of lockdown should be punished. Again, the police administration could not have broken the discipline with such punishment while on duty.