Video of extreme misery goes viral, job seekers have to return at the risk of their lives


viral video: Those who have given or are giving government job exams sometimes have to be the victims of government indifference. Test centers are set up in remote areas where it becomes difficult to reach. This time the country saw the extreme form of that indifference and disorder. In this viral video from Bihar, it is seen that the job seekers are returning at the risk of their lives by pushing the wagons. The Bihar government has lost face in this incident.

The video of students returning from a boxer's exam in Bihar has gone viral, prompting criticism from the administration. This video is from Boxer Station. It is learned that it was captured last Sunday. This video shows job seekers returning home on a freight train. Which is extremely dangerous.

In Bihar, it has always been alleged that the test center falls a few kilometers away from the district or the adjoining district. This case was no exception. The test center was set up in a place where there were no vehicles. As a result, thousands of young people have to risk their lives.

Job seekers somehow came to the test center, the test was done, but there was no way to go home. In this situation, they did not get a train at the railway station and found a freight train. Sitting on that train to go home at the risk of his life. Rail has come under extreme criticism for being viral. However, the railways have completely blamed the Bihar government. The Bihar government's examination system is also being criticized Watch the tumultuous viral video.