Video of new song awaiting release, viral Mimi Chakraborty flying in the open air on the beach


Banglahunt Desk: Trinamool MP actress Mimi Chakraborty has left Netpara alone in one hot photo after another. A few days ago, she made a storm in the hearts of men with her black sari and hot pink look. This time the actress gave a message of peace in a white shoulder open dress.

This time he shared a picture for the fans. He was seen flying a long red area on the beach. It is understood that Mimi took this picture while shooting the video for the next song. However, the MP actress has not released the video yet.

Even before that, Mimi had captured a glamorous but quite bold look. She did a 'checkmate' with a light pink strap top and matching makeup. With ‘Cherry On Daddy Top’ Mt. The actress could not turn her eyes away from the MP.

Incidentally, Mimi returned to the country from London a few days ago after shooting the next film. The trailer of his upcoming film 'Baji' has already been released. Now just waiting for the release of that picture. There is no photo work in hand at the moment. So in quite a holiday mood, he was in a relaxed mood.

Returning from London to enjoy a holiday home OlivesMimi crossed the river. There, in the middle of nature, the actress has spent some time with her family. However, Mimi did not forget to share the pictures and videos of the fans. But now he is back to work in full force.