Video: Orangutan kisses a woman during a photoshoot, posing as a gentleman


Video: ओरंगुटान ने फोटोशूट के दौरान महिला को किया Kiss, जेंटलमैंन बनकर खींचवाया फोटो

orangutan viral video Image Credit source: Instagram/ sachkadwahai

In the world of internet, videos related to animals keep going viral. Sometimes an animal surprises here, while there are many animals who make us laugh a lot with their antics. Especially the videos of such animals that we get to see, then social media users like to watch videos related to it with great interest. One such video is also in discussion among people these days. In which the orangutan is seen getting a photoshoot done with the woman. After watching which will definitely make your day.

In the video going viral, you can see that the orangutan is getting the photo clicked with the woman. During this, he does something that as if seeing his actions, it does not seem that he is an animal, his actions are just like humans, he is being posed in front of the camera just like humans. During this the orangutan was also very happy. This is not the first time that this orangutan had done such an act. Even before this, many of its videos have gone viral on social media.

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watch video here

This clip has been shared on Instagram by an account named sachkadwahai. Till the time of writing this news, more than one lakh people have seen it and their reactions are being given by commenting. One user wrote, Brother! You have to have guts to take a picture like this. ‘ On the other hand, another user wrote, after seeing this, I am not able to control my laughter.’ Another user commented on the video, this video is really cute.

Significantly, in Asia, orangutan is known as the only surviving species of orangutan. Orangutans are among the smartest primates. Orangutan means ‘man of the jungle’ in Malay language. This animal tries to increase them by spreading seeds in the whole forest. For your information, the DNA of orangutans and humans is 97 percent similar. But due to the low fertility rate, their population has seen a decline and gradually they are disappearing from the earth.

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