VIDEO: Public got attracted to grandmother’s serpent dance, energy is such that even big dancers fail


VIDEO: दादी के नागिन डांस पर फिदा हुई पब्लिक, एनर्जी ऐसी कि बड़े-बड़े डांसर भी हो जाएं फेल

Public got attracted to grandmother’s serpent dance

Naagin Dance Video: There was a time when what is happening in the country and the world was known only after watching TV, but now even the smallest thing is known very quickly and it has done wonders. social media has. Such things are seen on social media, which sometimes people have not even expected. Good things too and bad things too. Sometimes someone is seen singing and sometimes someone is dancing. one like that Video Nowadays there is an uproar on social media, after seeing which you will also be surprised. In this video, a grandmother is seen doing a tremendous dance. Grandma’s energy is worth seeing.

At the age when grandmother is dancing, it usually becomes difficult for women to get up, sit and walk, but looking at this grandmother, it seems that old age is far away from her. In the video you can see that drums are being played and some girls are dancing. Meanwhile, Dadi also jumps into the ground and dances in such a way that even the onlookers keep watching. In the middle, when the tune of Naagin plays, then the swag of Dadi is worth watching. She is seen doing amazing serpent dance. He has also charmed all the girls present there with his dance. Dadi has amazing energy and dance skills are also amazing.

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Watch Dadi’s wonderful dance

This tremendous dance video of Dadi has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the id named truptijadh2109, which has been viewed 4.3 million i.e. 43 lakh times so far, while more than 3 lakh 45 thousand people have also liked the video. Is.

At the same time, people have given different reactions after seeing grandmother dancing. Some are saying that the grandmother created a blast, while others are saying that the grandmother overpowered all the girls who were dancing.

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