Video: RSS came forward to help Bengali Muslims stranded in Mumbai


Bengali Hunt Desk: An NGO in West Bengal praised the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The association's public welfare association is doing well in Mumbai. The organization continues to help the elderly, the poor and women as much as possible. It is also helping workers who are stranded in various parts of the state in the wake of the lockdown. And for this help they do not see religion. Their sole purpose is to help those in need.

The employees of the organization said that they are following the path of Swami Vivekananda and serving the people. And the way Bengali Muslims are being helped in Mumbai is also being praised around. The BJP opposition parties have from the beginning branded the Sangh as anti-Muslim. And in this time of danger, that association has become a savior for the Bengali Muslims.

Sohail Rana Alam, president of the Orchid Foundation of India, called the anti-Muslim people one-sided and said, “I am neither a supporter of the BJP nor do I support the RSS's agenda.” I just learned to tell the truth. ” He then gave an example of an incident.

It may be mentioned that 5-6 workers were stuck in Murshidabad in Mumbai. Also, 7-8 workers from Bankura and other districts were stranded at Ghatkopar. Sohail Rana then informed the ACP of Ghatkopar about them. The ACP gives Rana the control room number. Then he got the number of the office bearer of the association Mahesh Kulkarni. Rana was given Mahesh Kulkarni's number from the control room. Rana did not know then that Mahesh was associated with RSS. All Rana knew was that Mahesh was associated with an NGO.

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When Rana finds out that Mahesh is the leader of RSS. Then Rana told him, “I am asking for help for Muslims and Muslims.” Then Mahesh told Rana that the workers of the Sangh believe in humanity and keep caste religion away. Then Mahesh took help to those workers. Sohen said, no one has ever told me about these aspects of RSS before.

Earlier, Rana Dharabi contacted DCP Akbar Pathan, but instead of helping, the DCP raised his hand. “I have been criticizing the RSS all my life but I am amazed at the way the RSS has helped the Muslims who are stuck there,” Sohail said. Sohail Rana praised the RSS for helping Muslims.