VIDEO: Selfie with fish was heavy on pocket, own mistake taught life lesson


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The craze of taking selfie is not ending in people. Due to this many times people have to give and take. We got to see one such video these days. After seeing which you too will not be able to control your laughter.

damage caused by selfie

Image Credit source: Twitter/@wtf_scene

If seen for some time, social media has left an impression of a different level on all classes. People also share their small things with everyone here. This is the reason that sometimes laughing and sometimes surprising videos remain in discussion on the platform. In this episode, a video has surfaced these days. After seeing which you will understand that nowadays how much a person is indulged in his phone and many times our pocket also feels the brunt of it.

Nowadays the craze of selfie among people is on a completely different level. Wherever people get a chance, they start taking selfies. Many a times, in order to take a selfie, one has to pay for it. Not only this, many times this happened with people, after seeing which we are unable to control our laughter. Now watch this video itself where a man is taking selfie with the fish he has caught but ends up playing with it.

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watch video here

Seeing the video going viral, it is understood that after fishing for a long time, the person finds a fish in his hand. As soon as someone touches his hand, he starts taking photographs with him. He wants to capture every movement in the camera with different poses but during all these things he forgets that in which hand he has the fish and in which hand he has the mobile and in the end instead of throwing the fish in the river Throws his phone in the river itself. During this, the reaction of the person is worth watching. After this, he also puts his hand in the river so that his hand can touch his phone, but this does not happen at all.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named ‘Wtf Scene’. Till the time of writing the news, the video has been viewed more than 8 lakh 42 thousand times and more than 19 thousand people have liked it. Many people have to say that after this incident the person will think a hundred times before taking a selfie.

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