VIDEO: Stunt was showing on the road in a different style, stars were seen during the day


VIDEO: अलग स्टाइल में सड़क पर दिखा रहा था स्टंट, हुई ऐसी गलती दिन में नजर आ गए तारे

shocking stunt viral video Image Credit source: Twitter/ radio2.0_

In today’s time, social media has its own charm. No one has any idea of ​​the things going viral here. Here many times the videos that make us laugh and many times the surprising videos remain in the discussion among the people. But if there is any video which goes viral on the internet as soon as it comes, then it is the stunt videos which people not only watch but also like fiercely. But people risk their lives for a few likes and views. The consequences of which they have to bear later. The video of one such person is in discussion these days.

As we all know that nowadays there is a huge craze for stunts on the youth, they do not even care about their lives to show stunts. Didn’t find an empty road, started showing stunts. But it is not necessary that every stunt becomes successful, many times we also fail. Now watch this clip itself where a boy was trying to be a hero on an empty road but in the end something happened that he fell face down on the road.

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watch video here

In the video, you can see that a man is performing stunts on an empty road with a strange bike. He performs stunts by balancing on a tire by holding the handle of the bike. During this the speed of the bike also does not decrease. He continues to perform his stunt, but in the meantime his balance deteriorates and he falls face down on the ground from the moving bike.

This video has been shared on Instagram by a user named radio2.0_. Till the time of writing this video, more than one lakh people have liked this video and crores of people have seen this video. One user wrote, the way the boy must have been hurt a lot. While another user wrote, show more style on the moving bike.. Another user wrote, don’t know what hobby people have to risk their lives. .

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