VIDEO: The baby elephant was stuck in the pit, people who came as angels saved his life


VIDEO: गड्ढे में फंस गया था हाथी का बच्चा, देवदूत बनकर आए लोगों ने यूं बचाई जान

Elephant Viral Video: By rescuing the baby elephant trapped in the pit, people showed such humanity that they are being praised a lot on social media. This video, which is going viral on Twitter, has been viewed more than 4 lakh 30 thousand times so far.

People saved the baby elephant trapped in the pit

Image Credit source: Twitter

Elephant Viral Video: There is humanity in animals too. He is also seen helping others and when needed, he also seeks help from others. Leave it to other animals, but this is often seen in elephants. It is said that elephants are one of the most intelligent animals in the world and from time to time they are also seen giving proof of this. social media But nowadays one related to elephant only video viral Happening, which has won the hearts of the people. Actually, in this video, an elephant, seeing her little child in trouble, goes out to ask people for help.

In the video, you can see how an elephant is standing on the road asking for help from a bike rider. She tries to stop him with her trunk. However, the person feels that she is going to attack him, so he leaves from there fast on his bike. However, shortly after this, when the elephant goes into the forest, some people come there to help her child, but first they drive the elephant away from there, so that there is no harm. After this, he makes a way to bring up the trapped baby elephant in the pit, by climbing which it also comes up comfortably and then runs to its mother.

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Watch this heart touching video

Such humanity is rarely seen. Where only humans see someone in trouble and leave him in the same condition, whereas here humans are seen helping an elephant. This video is really heart touching. This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @cctvidiots and it is written in the caption, ‘Human beings saving elephant’s child’.

This video of just 52 seconds has been viewed more than 4 lakh 30 thousand times so far, while more than 35 thousand people have liked the video and given different reactions. Some are saying that this video has touched the heart, while some are saying that people have done a very noble deed by saving the life of the baby elephant.

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