VIDEO: The baraati dances tremendously by lifting the groom on the shoulder! You will be stunned to see such a ruckus


VIDEO: दूल्हे को कंधे पर उठाकर जबरदस्त नाचे बाराती! मचाया ऐसा हुड़दंग देख दंग रह जाएंगे

Dance Viral Video: Wedding processions have a different charm. You will get to see many such videos on social media. In which the boy’s friends perform such feats on the stage. Seeing which everyone is surprised.

dance video of baratis

Image Credit source: Instagram/sunil.in1

A different flavor of procession is seen in weddings here. When a procession is going from somewhere, the people of the street and locality come out of their homes to see the procession dancing, because here a completely different level of dance is happening on the tune of Band-Baja. That’s why it is also said that Indian weddings seem incomplete without Shadi Dance Video. But many times in marriage people create such a ruckus in the name of dance that people just keep looking at them.

Often only the friends and relatives of the groom are seen in the procession here. Here the friends of the groom have a different charm. Many times these people do something in the gathering that people just keep watching. Something similar was seen these days also. Where the baraati on the tune of DJ created such an atmosphere of dancing and not only danced alone but also made the groom dance along with him to the tune of DJ. Their performance was such as if they were dancing forgetting all the worldliness!

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The video going viral seems to be of a procession. Where people are seen dancing in a baraat to the tunes of the DJ. Means the song is playing something else, people are dancing on something else. To make their gathering more vigorous, they have also taken the groom along with them. Here someone is dancing with a blanket, then someone has lifted the groom on his shoulder and everyone is seen dancing vigorously together.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named sunil.in1. Till the time of writing the news, more than 1.29 lakh people have liked it and crores of people have seen it and their reactions are being given by commenting. One user wrote, ‘These people have had a lot of fun at the wedding.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Brother, who does this kind of act in marriage, brother.’ Another wrote, ‘Yeh pakka sabhi bin bulaye baraati honge.’

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