VIDEO: The bride and groom clashed over feeding sweets, suddenly the stage became ‘Jung Ka Akhada’


VIDEO: मिठाई खिलाने को लेकर भिड़े दूल्हा और दुल्हन, अचानक स्टेज बना

For any person, marriage is the most important event in his life. What nothing do people do to make it special! But sometimes even after all the preparations, something or the other happens that makes the matter a topic of discussion. One such video has become a topic of discussion among the people even these days.

bride and groom fight

Image Credit source: Twitter/@MehdiShadan

Whether it is wedding season or not… but the process of these videos continues on the internet. Many times we laugh after watching them, while many times such videos come to the fore, from which we cannot take our eyes off even if we want to! But other than these many times such videos also come in front of our eyes. After watching which many times we are surprised. In this episode, these days we have got to see one such video. After seeing which you will also be surprised because here the bride and groom are seen fighting with each other.

It is said here that any marriage is incomplete without drama and fun. Here many times after bringing the wedding procession, the groom creates ruckus, while sometimes the atmosphere becomes very hot due to the tantrums of the bride. But these days the video which we got to see is really shocking because here the bride and groom start fighting with each other on the stage itself and this fight is such that the people standing around there are surprised to see it. Are.

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In this astonishing video, you can see that the ceremony of Varmala has been completed. Here the groom feeds sweets to his bride. But don’t know what happens to the bride, she does not open her mouth. After this, the groom jokingly slaps that sweet on his bride’s face. The bride gets angry with this act of the groom and then to take revenge, the bride also throws sweets on the groom. After which the groom becomes very angry and he licks the bride two or three times on the stage itself. After which the fight starts on both the sides.

share this video on twitter Shared by an account named @MehdiShadan. Which has been seen by more than 1.67 lakh people till the time of writing the news and their reactions are being given by commenting on it. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘Who fights like this in his marriage, brother?’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Surely this marriage would be happening without the consent of both.’ Another user wrote, what is all this to be seen. Overall, people are telling the responsibility of this fight to both.

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