VIDEO: The man did an amazing prank with the tongawala, seeing the tongawala jumped in fear


VIDEO: तांगे वाले के साथ शख्स ने किया गजब का प्रैंक, देखकर डर के मारे उछल पड़ा तांगावाला

funny prank video Image Credit source: Instagram/ taninmisphenomen

Social media is such a platform where one can see, hear and read different things. This is such a platform where thousands of types of videos come to the fore every day, but if there is any best video in all of these, which becomes viral as soon as it comes, then it is a funny video… that is, those clips which we cannot control our laughter after seeing. . These videos are not only seen by people but also shared fiercely. One such prank video is in discussion these days.

On hearing the name of prank, people start thinking of doing strange things or taking pleasure in others. Which makes us laugh instantly. This is the reason why people not only watch prank videos but also share them fiercely with each other. But sometimes these pranks are like this. Seeing whom you can believe that any situation will get worse. One such prank these days, a person did a wonderful prank with the tonga seller… due to which his condition worsened.

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watch video here

In the video, you can see that a group is sitting on top of a tree with a fake python. During this, his eyes fall on a tonga. The one who is passing by and the people sitting on the tree suddenly drop that fake python on the tonga driver, seeing the snake like himself, he gets scared badly and starts running away with the tonga. Due to this fear, he leaves his tonga and runs away from there.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named taninmisphenomen. The news has been liked by 2.55 people at the time of writing and their feedback is being given by commenting. One user wrote, ‘This is not a prank, but you have to unnecessarily disturb the person in front.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘The person must have got a severe injury. Apart from this, many other people are also giving their feedback on this.

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