Video: There were sheep in the forest for 5 years, 35 kg of fur came out of the body

BanglaHunt Desk: Despite all the controversy surrounding the removal of wool from sheep’s bodies, everyone from veterinarians to experts has ruled in favor of removing wool from sheep’s bodies. According to them, it is necessary to remove the fur from the sheep at least once a year. Otherwise the sheep becomes unable to walk normally due to body weight.

Recently, the video of this sheep has gone viral on social media. A sheep was rescued by a volunteer organization from Ezar Missions Farm Sanctuary, about 80 km from Melbourne, in the deep jungles of Australia. That sheep video is now viral on social media. Check out that video first-

The name of the rescued sheep is Barak. Looking at the feet of the sheep’s ears, it is thought that the sheep was once a pet. But for some reason after being separated from there it has become a giant look. Due to which he is not able to walk or even sit properly. The sheep has so much fur on its body and on both sides of its eyes that it cannot see well.

After the rescue, 35.4 kg of wool was cut from the body of the sheep. However, Barak lost a lot of weight as he had more than 35 kg of fur on his body. That’s why they are now trying to treat Barak with other sheep and restore his normal weight. From the fur filling situation to the fur cutting and subsequent videos of Barak on social media have gone massively viral.