VIDEO: This is called Desi Jugaad! The person cut the wheat crop in a moment, people said – fantastic


VIDEO: इसे कहते हैं देसी जुगाड़! शख्स ने पलभर में काट दी गेहूं की फसल, लोग बोले- शानदार

Desi Jugaad Video: You must have never seen such a wonderful jugaad of wheat harvesting. This video of just 8 seconds, which is viral on social media, has been viewed one million times till now, while more than 35 thousand people have also liked the video.

Man harvested wheat with indigenous jugaad

Image Credit source: Twitter

Desi Jugaad Video: There are two types of people in the world. One who is hardworking. Do any work with full hard work and others, who like to do every work smartly. You must have seen that in order to work smartly, many people make such machines that others get stunned. some people Makeshifter They make such things out of it that even people say ‘wow’. social media But nowadays such a juggler video viral It is happening, after seeing which people are saying ‘fantastic’.

Actually, in this video, a person is seen harvesting wheat with a tool made of indigenous jugaad. In the video, you can see what a wonderful thing the person has made and is cutting the wheat with it in one stroke. With the speed with which he is working with the help of that machine, it seems that he must have cut the whole field of wheat in a few minutes. This is called creativity. Generally, either laborers are hired for harvesting wheat or wheat can be harvested easily with a big tractor, but this person has made a small machine and with the help of that it can be harvested very quickly. He is seen harvesting the wheat crop.

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See for yourself this wonderful desi jugaad

Although this is an old video, but in this season of wheat harvesting, people are liking this video a lot. This brilliant desi jugaad video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @TansuYegen and the caption reads, ‘Harvest wheat between tradition and modernity’.

This video of just 8 seconds has been viewed one million i.e. 10 lakh times so far, while more than 35 thousand people have also liked the video and given different reactions.

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