Vijay Malia, a migrant liquor dealer returning home, will be flown in from Britain free of charge


Bengali Hunt Desk: Fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya could be brought to India at any time. According to various media reports, all the work related to Malia's extradition has been completed. Although it has not been officially announced yet. Vijay Malia, a fugitive liquor dealer and founder of the defunct Kingfisher Airlines, will be brought to India this time. Let me tell you, Vijay Malia has been living in Britain for many years after fleeing India.

Incidentally, Vijay Malia, the owner of the defunct Kingfisher Airlines, fled with Rs 9,000 crore from 16 banks in the country. Malia left India in 2016 and fled to Britain. Indian agencies have filed a petition in a British court seeking the extradition of Malia to India. After a long battle, a British court on May 14 sealed the extradition petition to India.

Note that on May 14, the biggest obstacle to Malia's extradition was removed. On that day, Malia lost the case against India. This time the central government can bring Malia to India within the next 28 days. 20 days have passed. I have only eight days left.

Earlier, Vijay Malia had repeatedly tweeted that he would repay all Indian money. Malia even said that she was ready to pay whatever money India could get. Only he can be released from this case and he cannot be arrested. However, the Indian government did not accept his request.