Vijayan reprimands Juhi for his humiliation after Mithun's return


Banglahunt Desk: Salman Khan is best known in Bollywood as 'Bhaijan'. It is said that no one returned empty-handed, seeking help from him.
Salomon is so kind that the ordinary man, even if someone in the industry is in danger, he gives a helping hand. He is literally 'A Man With a Golden Heart'.
However, all coins have unique backs. Likewise, Salomon's character also has a bad side. He can never easily forget anything. No matter how old he is, he repays his debt at any and no time. That's exactly what happened to Juhi Chawla. Vijayan recently took revenge on Juhi from a much older insult.

The time is eighty decades. At that time, director Deepak Bahari was producing a number called 'Number One'. The actress was accompanied by Mithun Chakraborty, Dimple Kapadia, Anita Raj. At that time, Mithun rose to popularity. All the stars wanted to work with him. As usual, when Juhi heard that the film was being made, he went straight to the director and asked him to take the picture. But at the time the casting was over, the director returned him.
But due to financial constraints, most of the stars were busy with other pictures due to the closure of the film. The director started shooting for the film after being forced to arrest other producers. At that time Juhi also proposed acting. But the actress immediately rejected the proposal after hearing that Salman was being taken instead of Mithun. In fact, at that time Salman has barely entered the industry. So Juhi could not trust him right away.

Salman had kept this humiliation in mind since then. He was not seen in any of the pictures with Juhi. But after a long time when Juhi came to be the special guest at Bigg Boss's house on July 27, Salman publicly avenged the humiliation on stage. When she expressed her desire to work with actress Salman in the film, she said lightly, now that Juhi can act as her mother.

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