Violence against women is increasing in the country! 100 women in the state are looking for licensed tools to protect themselves

BanglaHunt Desk: Women continue to be oppressed across the country. As soon as you open the newspaper or the television, you can see that women are being oppressed somewhere every day. Women are already targeted in any subject. Gradually women have started suffering from insecurity. Although boys and girls claim equal rights, today girls have to be more oppressed.

The recent incident in Hathras has caused more panic among women. Later, similar incidents started coming to light from Rajasthan and Bihar. However, in the meantime, another issue was rumored, for the protection of the girls may be kept with a sharp tool or lentil powder. If necessary, he will be able to use it in self-defense.

Licensed tool wants to keep close

Nowadays girls are involved in various activities. They also have to go to different places for work. About 100 women in Gujrat have applied for licensed arms to protect themselves in the event of a distant danger.

Seeking tools for security

On this day, women from different districts of the state first reach Rajkot. From there they got together and went to the district collector's office. For their own protection, they requested to have a licensed tool. So that they can move safely on the roadside. If necessary, you can also use that weapon.