Viral: By mistake such a thing was printed on the wedding card, people thinking ‘to go or not to go’


Viral: गलती से शादी के कार्ड पर छप गई ऐसी बात, सोच में पड़े लोग

Funny Wedding Card: Anyone will be left laughing after seeing such a funny wedding card. Actually, only one word has been left out in the love invitation, due to which the meaning has become a disaster. The guests might also have been wondering whether to go to the wedding or not.

Funny thing printed in the wedding card

Image Credit source: Facebook

Funny Wedding Cards: Even if it is not the season of weddings, all kinds of pictures related to it on social media and videos viral They keep happening, some of which are very funny and some are emotional too. Well, right now the wedding season is going on and various things are becoming very viral on social media. The way Band-Baja-Baaraat is important in weddings, in the same way the wedding card is also very important. In such a situation, people take care of many things while getting the cards printed, but sometimes mistakes happen. social media but nowadays one marriage card It is going viral, reading the words in which anyone would be left laughing.

Actually, such a thing has been printed by mistake in this card that even the guests must have been thinking whether to go to the wedding or not. You must have seen that love invitation is also written in the wedding card. Something similar has been written in this card as well, but the writer has left out a word by mistake, after which the word written in the card has become ‘a disaster of meaning’. In the picture you can see that it is written in the card, ‘Sending affectionate invitation, dear to call you. O flamingo of Manas, you forget to come. Now tell me, it is clearly written in the card itself that ‘Tum bhool jaana aane ko’, so who will bother to come to the wedding.

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Have you ever seen such a wedding card?

This funny wedding card is becoming very viral on social media. It has been shared on Facebook with an ID named Jokes hi jokes, which has so far received thousands of likes, while hundreds of people have also given various funny reactions.

Some are saying that ‘this is the card of my village’, while some are saying that ‘I say forget it’. Similarly, a user has written, ‘Insulted just by giving the card. Now how much more has to be done brother. It is better if you don’t go’, then another user has written that ‘Don’t go. You have been grossly insulted.

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