VIRAL: During the ceremony of finding the ring, the groom did a heart-wrenching act, watching the video will make your day


VIRAL: अंगूठी ढूंढने की रस्म के दौरान दूल्हे ने किया दिल जीत लेने वाला काम, वीडियो देख बन जाएगा आपका दिन

Many rituals are performed in weddings here. Among them, if any ritual is liked the most, then it is the ritual of finding the ring… A video related to this ritual is going viral these days.

bride and groom viral video

Image Credit source: Instagram/ shubhavivahh

Many types of rituals are performed in marriage here. While many rituals are performed by the relatives of the bride and groom, some rituals are performed by the bride and groom. During these rituals many times surprising things happen, while sometimes some things like this happen. Seeing whom makes our day. One such video is also in discussion these days. After watching which will definitely make your day.

Although after all the rituals of marriage, the bride and groom get very tired, but there is such a ritual. For which the bride and groom along with the family also wait. During this ritual, the ring is hidden between milk and rose petals in a big and deep plate. Which the bride and groom have to find. It is said that the one who wins during this ritual always dominates the other. While the bride and groom want to register their victory in this game, a groom has done a heart-wrenching job. Seeing which everyone is impressed.

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watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that the bride and groom are completing the ritual of finding the ring sitting among their relatives. Where both bride and groom have to find the ring. A time like this comes during this ritual. When the groom searches for the coin. But he throws his coin to the bride. His intentions are clearly known that he wants to win his bride. At the end of the clip, the bride takes out that coin. The groom starts smiling at this victory of the bride.

This video has been shared by an account named shubhavivahh. Till the time of writing this news, more than six thousand people have seen it and their reactions are being given by commenting. Where many people said that the groom has already accepted his defeat, while many people said that this is the cutest wedding video ever.

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