Viral: Friends mocked the groom in front of the bride, people said – it’s too much


Viral: दुल्हन के सामने दोस्तों ने यूं उड़ाई दूल्हे की खिल्ली, लोग बोले- कुछ ज्यादा हो गया

Jaimala Video: A video of Jaimala has gone viral on social media, in which friends make fun of the groom in front of the bride. However, some people did not like his behaviour.

Friends mocked the groom in front of the bride

Image Credit source: Instagram/@memecentral.teb

Jaimala Viral Video: It is said that without friends Marriage Looks completely incomplete. These are friends only, who gather in the ceremony. Whether it is a wedding procession or a jaimala, if anyone has the most fun during this, then they are the friends of the groom. However, now such a video has come to the fore, seeing which netizens are saying – when friends are like this, then what is the need of enemies. Let us see that jaymala What did the groom’s friends do at the time of marriage, that people started talking like this.

In the video going viral, you can see the bride and groom standing on the stage for the Jaimala ceremony. Only then the friends of the groom standing in front of the stage start hooting. During this, friends say something that the groom turns red with shame and the bride stops laughing. Overall, the friends make fun of the groom. However, after watching this video, the opinion of the users is divided. Some did not like it, while some are saying that they must be best friends of the groom.

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See here, when friends made fun of the groom in front of the bride

The video has been shared on Instagram on an account named memecentral.teb. The user has given the caption, when friends are like this, then what is the need of the enemy. The video shared a day ago has so far received more than 7 thousand likes, while many people have registered their reactions.

A user has commented, May death come but such a friend should not come. At the same time, another user says, brother is a childish act. Another user has written while commenting, I save it. Dialogue will earn in friend’s marriage. Another user has written, these people are best friends.

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