Viral: Have you ever eaten Momo Potato Patties? Seeing the recipe, the public bid – E ka bawal hai bhaiya


Viral: कभी खाई है मोमो आलू पैटीस? रेसिपी देख पब्लिक बोली- ई का बवाल है भैया

Momos Patty: The video of the recipe of Momo patties has gone viral on social media, seeing which the anger of the patties lovers has reached the seventh sky. People are now cursing the shopkeeper after drinking water.

People got angry after seeing the recipe of momo patties

Image Credit source: Instagram/@foodpandits

Potato Patties so you must have eaten a lot, but have you ever Momo Patties Have ditched. Why, my head was spinning after hearing this. Well, just like you, anyone who made this dish of patties Recipe Saw K’s video, his mind is also in a quandary. Patties lovers have gone berserk after seeing the clip. People say that the street vendors have not even spared their beloved patties. Atrocities have started with Pattis in the name of experiment.

Now let us also see how e bawal type patties are prepared. Before that, know where this mill is going. So brother, you will find these strange combination patties outside the railway station of Haridwar. When a blogger named ‘Food Pundit’ shared its recipe with his followers, people could not stop their anger from boiling over despite not wanting to. However, for what is the reaction of the eater, you will have to watch this video.

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Watch the video recipe of momo patties here.

In the video you can see that the patties wale bhaiya first divides the patties into two parts. After this, the shopkeeper after adding chopped onions, bhujia, tomato ketchup and momo sauce, puts some momos in it and serves it. However, the reaction that a person gives after eating this patty is very strong. Because you must have felt that the person’s mind will be disturbed after eating. But I liked this strange combination.

So far, about 14 thousand people have liked the video shared by the account named foodpandits on Instagram. At the same time, food lovers are talking in their own style. Some are enraged on seeing it, while others say that it is necessary to try once. A user has asked – did you really find it tasty? At the same time, another user has written, he would have put some cement as well. Another says something is going on.

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